With more than 20 years of experience, our team can provide you with the skills necessary to address your IT challenges. Our core services include:

Storage Design Services – SAN/NAS design involves choosing the right protocols, components and management tools based on our client business requirements. Through the deployment of these services, the immediate business benefits are centralized administration, non-disruptive migrations during technology refresh, data life cycle management and improved allocation efficiencies.

These services include:
• Enterprise Storage Design and Deployment (SAN and NAS based)
• Storage Management and Administration
• Storage Virtualization Services

Data Protection Services – As the amount of data increases, backup times are expanding and administration becoming more complex. These challenges combined with the emergence of newer technologies can lead to difficulty in architecting solutions that adequately support business needs. We deliver the following data protection services with a focus on our customer’s business needs:
• Backup and Recovery Assessments
• Disk-to-Disk backup implementations
• Remote Replication Planning and Design
• Remote Replication Implementations

Server Consolidation – IT organizations are being asked to do more with less. Organizations are accomplishing this task by consolidating servers by deploying virtual servers. By utilizing server virtualization, data center and hardware costs are reduced due to the reduction of the number of physical servers in the data center.
Our Server Consolidation services include:
• VMware assessments
• VMware NAS and SAN Best Practices